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Cloud Collaboration

Leverage The Cloud To Accelerate Your Business

A Wide Selection of Cloud Services

PHM's secure cloud services provide businesses with a number of benefits. With so many choices and jargon-filled terminology in the industry, it can be difficult to know if a cloud service is right for you. At PHM, we have a team of experienced consultants and engineers who can help guide you through the process and understand whether the cloud is suitable for your needs. Moreover, PHM is vendor agnostic which means we choose the cloud platform that best suits your business requirements.


Secure Infrastructure Everywhere

PHM cloud security includes a broad set of policies, technologies, and controls deployed to protect data, applications, and the associated cloud computing infrastructure

A Unique Range of Cloud Services Options

Collaborative Cloud

Our collaborative Cloud solutions offer you a true cloud cost model where all your servers share the same resource and computing pool. This translates to the most efficient use of your investment



PHM Cloud Services are designed to align to support your business strategy



PHM provides enterprise-grade security with both disk-level encryption and compliance tools built-in



PHM takes a more strategic view of the cloud and look to consolidate your infrastructure which keeps your cloud and on-going management costs to a minimum

"We had researched cloud and hosted solutions but we weren’t sure if they were right for us. PHM helped us understand the concepts and apply them to our requirements so we could make an informed decision on how to best leverage cloud within our overall strategy."

- PHM Financial Services Industry Client -

Our Approach To Cloud Services

Cloud Infrastructure Projects

To ensure a straightforward transition, we engage in a thorough pre-migration process with all of our clients. We begin by examining your existing framework, developing the target infrastructure, and then carefully migrating your data. Our involvement is from start to finish, and we make sure that everything is fully operational before we take our foot off the pedal. To ensure our customers get the very best from the migration, we offer training to ensure your workforce can fully benefit from the new system. All of these operations are performed with minimal impact on your time and resources.


Cloud Readiness Projects
By using our cloud readiness service you’ll benefit from an experienced consultancy process. We analyze your data carefully to ensure that what you’re migrating is no more than you need - helping you avoid unnecessary storage costs. To pave the way for a trouble-free migration, we also examine your current data properties to ensure your application requirements are ready for transition. 

It's important to remember that one of the biggest expenditures in adopting the cloud is the cost of storage. It may be more cost effective for you to move to an on-premise solution. At PHM we've created our own analysis solutions, which keep costs down without compromise. Our Cloud Readiness service is a valuable solution, averting additional and unnecessary cloud-related expenses.


Cloud Backup

PHM offers tiered backup storage options, so that you only pay for what you need. Our sliding cost scale means that you are charged according to your storage and recovery times, making this a cost-effective solution for every business.


Cloud Monitoring

Whether it's assessing your cloud solution or your cloud provider, PHM can monitor, report, and resolve Cloud issues proactively. With one of the most progressive monitoring solutions, we are better equipped to pre-empt and avoid a problem, rather than resolving it and reacting to the consequences.

The importance of having a robust, monitored system cannot be understated. At PHM, we keep a close eye on what is happening with your infrastructure - ensuring its security and reliability at all times.


Enterprise Cloud

For those with large server estates and significant technology investments, the enterprise cloud is useful as a scalable & flexible solution. The service offers the facility to meet your production, backup, disaster recovery, and high-availability needs. The enterprise cloud is ideal for medium to large organizations that require flexibility to be able to scale up or down without being restricted by outsourced service providers. We have a variety of options designed to accommodate your business drivers including security, flexibility, accessibility, and location - data sovereignty.


Microsoft Cloud Services

At PHM we can manage, migrate, and monitor your services. With our flexible approach to client management, we engage in positive relationships - bringing longevity to many of our contracts. This service is useful for any company operating or planning on migrating to Office 365, Azure, SharePoint, and OneDrive environments.


Private Cloud

The private cloud is ideal for those organizations that want to benefit from using the cloud concepts while maintaining control and flexibility. Running a successful business can sometimes mean that you want the ability to be fully in control of your operations without compromising on privacy or jurisdiction. By using a private cloud, you have just that.


Small Business Cloud

If you're looking for a reliable outsourced solution but think that the costs or commitment are beyond your company's reach - think again. Our small business hosted cloud solutions are multi-tenanted and can provide cost-effective capabilities for your company.


Cloud Extrication Projects

We understand that your requirements can change and sometimes this might mean moving back to an on-premises solution. PHM specializes in providing client-focused solutions, which means that you won’t be tied into service contracts. Flexibility is important in the systems we design and in the customer service we provide.

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